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Hi, my name is Matt Soto and I was first exposed to fitness when I was enrolled in youth sports. I have always enjoyed running around, exercising, building new relationships and feeling healthy. Going into my high school years, this is when sports became more intense and serious. I discovered that the training and preparation for sports was something that I naturally gravitated to, even more than the competition itself.

This is what eventually led me towards becoming a trainer in my adulthood. I have trained members for fitness clubs which include La Fitness and Bally’s Total Fitness.  At that time I gathered certifications from both ISS and NCCPT. After I discovered the high pressure sales environment of a commercial gym, I realized this was not for me. Over the years I have worked with private clients and stayed up to date with the latest tactics and techniques for training and personal health.Satisfaction for me is helping my clients achieve their personal goals. My passion for fitness continues to strive and grows more and more each day. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and skills and passion with my clients.

Here at matFIT, we believe that the combination of circuit training, combat sport training, compound functional weightlifting and recreation activates is the foundation for having a balanced and applicable everyday fitness.

If your goal is to be large and muscular with a bodybuilder type appearance, we can assist you with getting you there. Most commonly the ultimate goal is to be lean, healthy and fit enough to be physically active on a day to day basis.

With my specific system and the dedication of you as a client, these goals can be easily achieved and surpassed.    

The name matFIT is a dual pun because of my name, Matthew/Matt and a reference to the “mat” that is often used in the world or martial arts and wrestling. Martial artists, grapplers, wrestlers and fighters are some of the fittest athletes in the world. The combination of endurance and functional strength are what give them their lean bodies, which look great without being too bulky.

All that being said, training hardcore athletes and bodybuilders is what I excel in. Providing the inspiration, knowledge and motivation to that person who wants to work out with a little push and guidance is my specialty and will get you to accomplishing your goals.

To schedule an appointment, please call: (562) 285-7382.