• ​​1 on 1 Personal Training - The staple of the company. matFIT will provide fitness clients with fun, systematic workouts at a pace specific to their goals and fitness levels. All this is done with matFIT, the originally designed combat fitness program. This is great for clients who want to feel like ultimate athletes both lean and strong. Great for beginners!

  • Group Training - Similar to one on one training just slightly less specific to the individual. Good for clients with intermediate to advanced fitness levels. The support of a small group is great since it can help you push yourself to your highest limit.

  • Strength and Conditioning - Top athletes will benefit from the highest level of training offered at matFIT. This combines the matFIT program with multiple sports and athletics techniques for building strength. The duration and explosive movements are applied to increase power, endurance, and performance.

  • Kids Boxing - matFIT will teach basic to intermediate boxing skills to keep your child in tiptop shape while building strength and confidence.   

  • Meal Preparation - For the all clients who are time stricken or clients who would enjoy great tasting healthy meals. Clients can have precooked, ready to eat meals that have been customized to help them reach their health goals. 

  • Nutritional Guidance - A basic diet plan for clients from day one, and an anytime reference for any nutrition questions you may have.

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April 6th Bootcamp $20 Free T-shirt with entry.

Commit, Train, Results. matFIT T-shirt $20.

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